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Workshop on Nanomedicine & Contrast agents

Thursday, October 27, 2016
A two-day Workshop on Nanomedicine & Contrast agents for PhD students in Maastricht.

On October 27-28th 2016, Nano4Imaging organizes a two-day Workshop on Nanomedicine & Contrast agents for PhD students in projects ITERM and NanoMILE. The workshop is open for participants from industry and academia, and can host another 10 participants. The workshop focusses on the clinical importance of contrast agents, as well as the current toxicological problems with many of these agents. The workshop venue is the loverly Chateau Bethlehem Teaching Hotel Maastricht.  Speakers include Prof. Jelle Barentsz (Nijmegen), Prof. Fabian Kieslsing (Aachen), Dr Iseult Lynch(Birmingham).

Draft program (12.09.2016). More info on the workshop website.